Eat like a Local at Hujan Locale: Farm-to-Table Co...

Eat like a Local at Hujan Locale: Farm-to-Table Concept in Bali

Hujan Locale_Food on Fork
Hujan Locale_Food on Fork
Hujan Locale_Food on Fork
Hujan Locale_Food on Fork
Hujan Locale_Food on Fork
Hujan Locale_Food on Fork
Hujan Locale_Food on Fork

Hujan, meaning rain, is a dining establishment in the heart of Ubud dedicated to using locally sourced produce and ingredients in the food they serve.

Led by Will Meyrick, who is also known as the “street food chef”, and together with Chef Palm Amatawet, the menu at Hujan Locale is cleverly designed and crafted to embrace the found and forage food movement. Besides eating local, diners can also enjoy various inventive concoctions of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, such as Hujan’s Mint and Coco Crush at the bar area on the ground floor while they watch the traffic zip by.

On the floor above is the main dining area and the food is nothing less than impressive with a menu offering a wide selection of Indonesian dishes with a modern contemporary twist. Each dish on the menu also tells a personal story of Chef Will – which we had quite a bit of fun reading through – making it even harder to decide what to order, just because everything sounded so good!

Here’s what we’ve tried and also what we definitely would recommend:
(dishes descriptions were adapted from Hujan’s menu)

Crispy Squid with Chili Jam Ginger Flower Lemongrass
Ginger flower is commonly used in South Asia cooking including Indonesia and especially throughout Sumatra. The flower adds a unique and exotic fragrance into the dish. We combine fresh local squid with the flower and other spices, and zing it up with chili jam.

Beef Sate Padang with Thick Curry Sauce served with Rice Cake and Pickle Vegetables
Sate padang is one of the most well known sates in Indonesia served with either offal or beef. A rich curry sauce is always poured over the satay and served with ketupat rice cakes and pickles. In our version we have used beef tenderloin and wagyu beef tongue that has been slow cooked for 36hrs.

Lake Toba Snapper Ceviche marinated in Kaffir Lime Juice Andaliman Peanut Chili Ginger Flowers and served with Krupuk Peyek
This is a traditional recipe from The Northern Batak region of Medan. Traditionally using whole fresh water fish, we have put in a twist by using snapper and serving it in a ceviche style.

“Hujan gorengan” Pastel Jagung Perkedel Ote Ote Tempe Goreng Sambal Bajak
Indonesian love to snack in between meals. We serve the most popular ones “gorengan” which literally means “fried”. There are many different variations of gorengan, some sweet, some savoury which we like better. Try it the Indonesian way: nibble a little bit of the gorengan, then bite a little bit of the raw chili that comes with it, mix both in your mouth.

Stir fry Kalimantan Crab with Curry Leaves Tou Chou Young Coconut & Chili
I found this dish in a road side warung in Banjarmasin, what’s interesting about this is the influences of Nyonya cuisine which use yellow bean as a seasoning and the addition of curry leaves.

*All images shot on Nikon D7200

Hujan Locale
Jl. Sri Wedari No.5, 
Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, 
Bali 80571, Indonesia
Opening hours / Information:
Daily: 12pm to 11pm
+62 361 8493092

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Price: ●●●●

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