Oasis Cafe


Oasis Cafe, is simply a true gem to behold.

Not quite easy to find… It will take a little bit of exploring on foot, as this cafe is tucked away amongst the smaller Hanok, wedged between tight and narrow alleys in the Samcheong district of Seoul.

The cafe does not have a very extensive menu. It almost exclusively serves only coffee and tea with a limited daily selection of artisan cakes and light bites. Nothing excites us more than hidden cafe and it seems that our inner hipster were going crazy when we came by this oasis.

Nothing beats having a hot cuppa latte on a cold winter morning. We also order an Earl-grey Swiss Roll, something sweet with a light walnut crunch to keep our mouth happy. If you in the vicinity of Samcheong (short stroll away from Gyeongbogung Palace) and want to chill at a cafe, look no further and head to the Oasis. #streetcred

Oasis Cafe, food on forkOasis Cafe, food on forkOasis Cafe, food on forkOasis Cafe, food on fork

Oasis Cafe
Samcheong-ro 4-gil, 10

Opening hours / Information:
Monday to Sunday: 11am to 8pm
Closed on Tuesday


Price: ●●●●●


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