Proust, is a hybrid tea house/retail shop hidden amongst the Hanok in the Jongno-gu vicinity of Seoul.

Such shops are popping up fast and becoming less uncommon in Korea. By bringing the cafe and retail space together, people can now enjoy a little munch or a cuppa while shopping.

Although disguised as a perfume shop and being known as the scent specialist, Proust is also quite the connoisseur in tea too. While you are picking out a new customisable scent for yourself, indulge in a cup of English Breakfast Tea or Earl Grey Tea or whatever you fancy (There’s really quite a selection).

They also serve their tea with madeleines on the side. We kept to the classic vanilla and chocolate flavours, which was simply one of the best we had. If you are ever in Seoul, do consider heading down to Proust for a sensory overload experience.

proust-food-on-fork3a proust-food-on-fork2 proust-food-on-fork

166-72 Ikseondong
Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea 03133

Opening hours / Information:
Daily: 11am to 10pm

+82 2742 3552
Facebook | Instagram | Website

Price: ●●


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