Sexy new all-day sandwiches to get your hands on a...

Sexy new all-day sandwiches to get your hands on at Park Bench Deli

Park Bench Deli is serving up a new, sexy All-Day Menu and reinventing some of its all-time cult favourites!

This month starting from 29th March, cult-food specialist, the Park Bench Deli will be serving up a new range of decadent all-day sandwiches. This new menu consists of 3 new creations and an update to classic fan favourites like the Cheese Steak, Cubano and PB&J, all completed in true reflection of Park Bench Deli’s signature style – classic big-kid size ‘sandwiches with swagger’, with a chef’s approach to sandwich fillings.

The sexy new menu will include items such as the Mortadella Hero, made to satisfy any discerning cold-cuts connoisseur.  At first glance, it might look like a simply-made item with few ingredients, but the union of premium sliced wide-girth mortadella nestled against sliced cheese, crisp and fresh lettuce covered in two thick and tasty vinaigrettes in a soft caramelised onion loaf makes for a complete gourmet sandwich. Think balanced flavours and a satisfying variety of textures, with every bite possessing an even ratio of meat, vegetables and bread!

Another new sandwich on the menu is the Meatballs, which is made from selected cuts of beef freshly grounded in-shop and individually hand-formed with as little processing as possible. These are then cooked in a rich, savoury tomato sauce, before being finished with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil, then gently gripped in a warm and toasty ciabatta bun.

Fret not, Park Bench Deli did not forget a vegetarian option. The Falafel sandwich starts with fresh broccoli that is finely chopped and mixed into falafel balls, which are then breaded and fried. A refreshing tzatziki dip with crisp cucumbers and yoghurt provides a creamy base on which either fresh lettuce or alfalfa sprouts, with toasted pumpkin seeds, sliced tomatoes and freshly fried falafel balls sandwiched between slices of crusty, toasted sourdough rye will bound to leave vegetarian fiends no less satisfied.

If you are a fan of their popular crowd-favourite sandwiches, the Cheese Steak, Peanut Belly & Jelly, as well as the Cubano continues to be constantly improved upon whilst remaining a mainstay on the establishment’s menu. The Park Bench Deli menu will also retain elements of their previous, well-known side dishes such as the former Pork Fries will make way for Chilli Cheese Taters, a deep fried potato dish covered with chilli con carne, making it the ideal evening post-work snack, best shared over a few cold beers.

Head down from the 29th March onwards to get your hands on Park Bench Deli’s sexy new manwich (man-size sandwich)!

Park-Bench-Deli-Food-on-ForkPark-Bench-Deli-Food-on-ForkPark-Bench-Deli-Food-on-ForkPark-Bench-Deli-Food-on-ForkPark-Bench-Deli-Food-on-ForkPark-Bench-Deli-Food-on-ForkPark-Bench-Deli-Food-on-ForkPark-Bench-Deli-Food-on-Fork Park-Bench-Deli-Food-on-ForkPark-Bench-Deli-Food-on-Fork

*All images shot on Nikon D7200

Park Bench Deli
179 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068627

Opening hours / Information:
Monday to Friday: 10.30am to 4pm & 5pm to 9.30pm
Saturday: 10.30am to 4pm

+65 6815 4600
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