Nice to meat you Hai Kee Soy Sauce Chicken Rice

Nice to meat you Hai Kee Soy Sauce Chicken Rice

Your friendly neighbourhood eatery, Hai Kee Soy Sauce Chicken Rice has been serving up the classic local favourite with its own saucy twist since the ’50s.

From the homemade chopped ginger and chilli paste to its unique one-of-a-kind soy sauce – Hai Kee’s recipe has withstood the test of time and remain unchanged since the 1950s. Now under the knife of the third generation owners – who happened to be one of the rare few millennials in Singapore to venture into the hawker business – are determined to return Hai Kee to its former glory. We sat down with 27 year-old Joseph Wang over chicken rice to find out exactly what was so special about Hai Kee, as well as his thoughts on being a millennial hawker.

Q: What is the best way to enjoy chicken rice?

The best way to enjoy chicken rice is to eat it from a bowl with your chopsticks, dipping the succulent soy sauce chicken in our freshly made condiments such as sha jiang or tangy chilli sauce coupled with another mouthful of fragrant rice.

Q: How is Hai Kee’s chicken rice different from the rest?

Hai Kee Soy Sauce Chicken is a heart-warming meal, which will make you reminisce about a home-cooked comfort meal. Every mouth of our chicken rice will make you want another. Many would also be puzzled at why we serve our chicken rice in a bowl rather than on a plate. Truth be told, rice is actually most fragrant when consumed from the bowl, as the aroma and fragrance of the chicken rice would be more concentrated. Last but not least, our selection of tablewares are of traditional longevity design, adding an old-school touch to the overall presentation.

Q: What is it like being one of the few millennial hawkers in Singapore?

As one of the few millennial hawkers in Singapore, I believe we are contributing to our heritage, promoting the Singapore food culture and preserving our forefather’s fruits of labour. Although our everyday job is tough and tedious, our fulfilment comes from the satisfaction of our customers and seeing the younger generation appreciating traditional food at an economical price.

Q: How many chickens and how much rice are sold in one day?

We sell about 50 to 60 chickens per day and around 480 bowls of rice, and are usually sold out before our stipulated working hours.

Q: Share one fun fact about Hai Kee?

In the 1950s, when gas is not yet available, Hai Kee used to cook everything from rice to soy sauce chicken using only hot burning charcoal!

*All images shot on Nikon D7500

Hai Kee Soy Sauce Chicken Rice

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Daily: 9am to 8pm (Closed on alternate Tuesday)
+65 9835 0099
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