Guinness Goes Local with Heritage Motif

Guinness Goes Local with Heritage Motif


Guinness recently launched a limited edition series of quart bottles and cans, featuring artwork by local illustrator Ben Quek, celebrating what makes Singapore, Singapore.

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout has been enjoyed in Singapore for nearly 150 years since 1869. For as long as they could remember, every Foreign Extra Stout has been marked with an importer’s stamp of quality in a form of a Red Tongued Dog, unique to Singapore.

The distinctive label then led to it earning the affectionate nickname “Ang Ji Gao“, a Hokkien translation of Red Tongued Dog, is also a term still commonly used by locals when ordering a bottle of Guinness at coffeeshops.

The limited edition Red Tongued Dog design incorporates a medley of beloved Singaporean cultural icons, from the city skyline to some of the much loved local food.

In line with the limited edition launch, Guinness will be offering prizes of up to s$60,000 worth of home furnishing vouchers to customers who purchase limited edition bottles or cans. From now till end May, simply be one of the three lucky people to find the word ‘DOG’ under the tab of one of the 6-pack or a unique Red Tongued Dog icon under the bottle cap to win.

Look out for the “Ang Ji Gao” the next time you order a Guinness and don’t forget to add a little extra ingredient for a egg-cellent taste. Cheers!

Guinness-Food-on-ForkGuinness-Food-on-Fork Guinness-Food on Fork



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