Eu Yan Sang’s Black Wolfberry is the new bla...

Eu Yan Sang’s Black Wolfberry is the new black

Many have heard of red wolfberries but few may know about its more nutritious cousin – the Eu Yan Sang’s Black Wolfberry.

Grown in the wild plateau desert thousands of metres above ground, Eu Yan Sang’s Black Wolfberry is considered to be a gem amongst gems.

With a unique dark purplish appeal, the rare herb is laden with powerful antioxidant benefits to help maintain a youthful complexion and increase vitality. Besides that, the black wolfberries also contain higher levels of protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals than what is usually found in red wolfberries.

The easiest way to incorporate black wolfberries into your favourite recipes is to use them in replacement of red wolfberries. The premium herb can also be either eaten as a snack (consumed in one or two teaspoons daily) or drank as a decoction by adding a spoonful in 60-degree Celsius water and letting it rest for 10 minutes. Take note that for the best effect, boiling water should be avoided.

Curious to find out how best to consume it? Watch the video below.


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