Featured on Fork: Kenneth Lim

Featured on Fork: Kenneth Lim

Words and Photos: Kenneth Lim,

To start things off, I’m an art director in a creative agency who happens to enjoy doing photography as well. I remember when I was in University, someone told me that taking food photography is one of the hardest kinds photography, not sure how much that rings true now, but it kinda got stuck with me.

Food photography was not something I wanted to do from the get-go. It was more of, stumbling onto it and enjoying it as I went along taking photos of food. And, I guess, in a way, it was convenient for me to take photos of food since I enjoy cafe hopping and eating in general.

I guess I should end off with this small token; someone once commented that my photos doesn’t just capture food, but also the story and the atmosphere of the place. And I guess that is what I do intuitively but never defining it down properly.

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